Idealo’s Indian Market Research Study Estimates Cricket Equipment And Gear Costs To Be Rs. 12,503

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Owing to the cricket fever gripping the nation, idealo, the idealo-logoproduct comparison company, was motivated to run an analytics report on what it would cost to buy a standard Cricket Kit In India. As cricket aficionados would know club cricket is by no means an affordable indulgence. Along with monthly club subscription fees, a club player is supposed to have his personal gears as well which can be a costly affair.

idealo ran a comparative cost analysis on each cricket equipment and protective wear available on The categories included Batting Gloves, Batting Pads, Cricket Bat etc. to find out the cost for each product that amateur cricket players usually buy.

Commenting on the team’s inspiration of running the analysis, Sumit Kuhite, Consumer affairs editor for, said “One of the Key talking points of this Year’s IPL auctions were Nathu Singh from Rajasthan being picked by Mumbai Indians for a whopping price of Rs. 3.20 Crores. Nathu, a son of factory worker, in his early days was struggling to pay an annual fee of Rs.10,000 for a coaching academy. Being price nerds that we are, we took it on ourselves to find out how much this would cost for a young cricket enthusiast. After considered cricket equipment and protective wear on & noted down the click price of each of our customers and then calculated the average price for each product our customer was ready to pay.“

Some of the Key Highlights of the analysis were:

  • A cricket newbie has to shell out around Rs.12,053 for all cricketing gears.

  • Cricket bats are the costliest of the lot taking 44% of the spending shares.

  • Protective gears like Batting pads, Cricket Helmets are next in line requiring 14% and 12% spending shares respectively.

idealo’s price analysis gives a predictive notion of how much one can expect to pay for each accessory; though prices naturally vary within different brands of products, like SG bats are always cheaper Slazenger’s.
The Research Report is available at: