October 28, 2020

“Idea is to make it as simple as possible, yet compliant” – Mr. Kapil Goyal, Managing Director, KDK Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

“In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Kapil Goyal, Managing Director, KDK Softwares Pvt. Ltd., sharing his business strategies.”

Mr. Kapil Goyal, Managing Director, KDK Softwares Pvt. Ltd.
Megha Mary- Tell us about the latest GST product by KDK.
Mr. Kapil Goyal- The ways we are building the product, our focus is to help the SMV’s. The major difference between the GST compliance and the other compliance is that: return frequency is monthly; since the frequency is monthly our objective is to help them to create the raw data for invoice itself. So, they don’t have to create a new data for invoicing. So while they are doing the invoicing the data get automatically captured and gets ready for the compliance.
Megha Mary- What is different in your product and other GST ready products of other accounting software companies?
Mr. Kapil Goyal- We are not directly competing to the accounting software about to be launched by other companies, since their focus is addressing the accounting needs, while our product will be dedicated to invoicing. Since we are limiting ourselves to invoicing we cannot be placed into comparison with other GST ready products. What makes our product unique is that we have made it as simple as we can make it.
Till now the accounting software were restricted to just the Chartered Accountants, other than them everybody was either manually doing the invoicing or were bound to the traditional ways of invoicing. So, with GST thing everybody has to come down to an invoicing platform. So idea is to make it as simple as possible, yet compliant. So, everybody can use it from a layman and being compliant as well to the GST norms.
Megha Mary- Being in Business for such a long time, how have you seen software industry of Rajasthan Evolve?
Mr. Kapil Goyal – Speaking in terms of ‘how IT has changed in Rajasthan’, Software companies like KDK and other, the channels have become more structured now, they are now restricted to the sales, but also now they have understood the importance of servicing of their products right.
They have understood that it is very imperative that they are focused on the servicing of the product too. Product making is not as difficult part of running a software business, the software success ratio is not more than 3-4 % in the entire industry, to avoid the failure, so the services that you provide makes you a differentiator in the industry. So, that’s one of the big changes that come in the industry.
Megha Mary- Tell us about your channel partners.
Mr. Kapil Goyal – We have more than 70 channel partners. In the current segment that we are into that is the compliance software, we have the largest platform of channel partners across the country. We can also put it in that way, we are one of the companies who are doing it through the channel partners, while others are doing it through direct channels.
But as far as this GST product is concerned there are no channel partners involved. To reach the masses we would love to create a ‘pull’ factor rather than a ‘push’ factor. So, as that enable the user to directly subscribe or download the application without involvement of the channel partners and the company. So we have tech solution providers.
Megha Mary- What is your market share in Rajasthan?
Mr. Kapil Goyal – Though we own the 35% of the market share in Rajasthan, we are claiming better market shares in Gujarat and other states, like at some places we have 90% monopoly.
It is also notable that we have a uniform presence all over India. So, it makes our research and spectrum more vast then other channels. Our vision was always to project KDK nationally, rather than regionally, we could have owned 10-12% of the Rajasthan market more but it could have restricted us regionally.
The presence we hold nationwide is priceless. Our vision was always to diversify KDK. While in India we have 18-20 % of our presence.