IceWarp’s Reliable and Modern Email Solution Empowers ‘IT and ITES’ Industry

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The IT and ITES industry has been a key enabler in catering technological services to companies across the world. However, a collapse in communication and lack of collaboration can lead to miscommunication, hindrance, inaccuracies, and inefficiencies. Especially, since employees are working from home it has created a strong need for secure enterprise solutions. In a bid to build secure communication infrastructure for the IT and ITES industry, IceWarp, a global leader in developing email communication and collaboration solutions offer a secure email collaboration platform to facilitate secure and encrypted communication.  

Today, collaboration does not only refer to cooperative work, rather it has become a unified solution for IT and ITES Industry to make a daily workflow more collaborative among employees working  remotely, external vendors, and customers in a bid to push the arrow to productivity. As IT or ITES service providers are allocated with a huge amount of data and files, the cyber threats are difficult to ignore hence, using a secured collaborative solution for smooth remote working in a secure manner is of utmost importance. IceWarp, being a leading business email and collaborative solution provider is effectively accelerating the industry with its collaborative tools and catering best-in-class connected experiences to improve productivity and to strengthen the culture of collaboration. To name a few, IceWarp’s solution is being leveraged by –AGC Networks Limited, Hinduja Global Solutions Limited, WNS Global Services (P) Ltd., Teleperformance Global Services Pvt. Ltd. & many more. 

IceWarp empowering the IT and ITES industry in the following ways:

· Developed custom migration tool, consulting, and DataBase setup

·  Increased productivity with faster decision-making

·  Provided companion solution to run alongside Office 365

·  Boost workplace agility with flexible, remote working

·  Enhanced team collaboration and engagement

·  Reduced half the usual cost

Commenting on the same, Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp, India and Middle East said “There has been significant adoption of Communications and Collaboration tools across industries to enhance security and wide productivity where IT and ITES is no exception. The imminent threat of cyber attacks is always looming on any of verticals and services. IT and ITES industry that plays a pivotal role in providing technology services, is equally vulnerable to risks of cyber attacks, hence the industry is addressing the need of adopting secure collaborative tools in order to protect not only the internal data but also the huge customer data that is involved in the ecosystem.” 

IceWarp, with its extensive experience in the e-mail & collaboration industry, has achieved a global outreach but keeping a local perspective through its network of partnerships, delivering customized solutions across every business size and segment. IceWarp’s Virtual Conference Rooms feature enables members/users to meet people online with connected audio and video. Editing of documents Online offers the ability to work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from within the browser, including collaborative editing, while storing the data/files securely in a dedicated private cloud. Besides this, TeamChat binds all the features together into one powerful real-time collaboration tool, enabling the teams to work together in ways not possible before. It has a significant edge over Microsoft Teams by allowing the customer to store all their data locally in their own data center.

“The seamless integration of collaborative technology in this sector is the need of the hour and future to be a step forward to avoid cyber risks. We offer advanced features with benefits like easy to use operate from anywhere and everywhere; across devices, team collaboration, performance-enhancing tools, and much more. Our platform is powered by CISCO Antivirus & anti-spam, and 2-factor authentication that securing confidential and sensitive data by managing domains to avoid email spoofing and malware attacks” added, Sharda

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