ICANN64 | Day 5 – ICANN GDD: IDN Program Updates

Exclusive Coverage by Tarun Taunk, Chief Editor ITVoice

The session was to present an update on the various projects being undertaken by the IDN Program, including the progress on Root Zone Label Generation Rules work by community panels.

Timeline for the session was :

  1. IDN Program Overview and Progress – Sarmad Hussain
  2. Update by Integration Panel – Wil Tan
  3. Community Updates
    • Hebrew GP – Yoram Hacohen
    • Latin GP – Michael Bauland, William Jouris
    • Neo-Brahmi GP – Udaya Narayana Singh
    • Myanmar GP – Yin May Oo
  4. Q/A

Mr Sarmad Hussain who is the IDN Programs Director, ICANN took the stage to tell about the IDN Program, he gave a brief overview followed by a progress report of the IDN Program. The IDN Program has undertaken several projects and each one of those projects is important from the perspective of IDNs.

Then he called Mr Wil Tan to continue the session to tell the attendees about the IP activities summary (since ICANN63, October 2018, Barcelona), also he talked about several topics such as Reviews, MSR and Root-Zone Label Generation Rules. For various community updates, one person from each community told us about the updates specific to that community. For Hebrew, Mr Yoram followed by Mr Micheal for Latin, Mr Udaya Narayana for Neo-Brahmi and Mr Yin May for Myanmar.

After the community updates, the floor was open for Q/A session to help people understand more about IDN and the several projects under IDN Program.

Session Leader: Sarmad Hussain