ICANN64 | Day 3 – Public Forum 1

Exclusive Coverage by Tarun Taunk, Chief Editor ITVoice

The Public Forums are the open microphone sessions in every ICANN that afford community members the opportunity to make comments and ask questions directly to the Board and in front of the rest of the community.

Cherine Chalaby ICANN Board chair was introduced to the stage by Brad White.

Cherine Chalaby encouraged the participants to take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions, make comments, and share their thoughts and explained the importance of Public Forums by saying ” We cannot do our job well if we don’t hear from you. It is our responsibility to act in the collective interest of all stakeholders and to hear directly from you about what’s on your mind.”

The session was about for 90 minutes and the participants were allowed to ask questions in Spanish, Russian, French, English, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese in addition to English. The interpreters in the room helped with the English translation.

Akinori Maemura was called upon to walk everyone through the format and rules of the public forum followed by Krista Papac ICANN’s complaints officer who explained the importance of the
expected standards of behaviour, he established the two-minute rule for the response by the board on any question or comment.

Chris Disspain explained the important matters before the public forum was opened for the participants and handed over the mic to Ms Avri Doria who took over the first session of the Public Forum and after that questions came rolling in.

Questions from various country people in various languages were answered by the board in the Public Forum. People asked questions about IDN programs, Strategic Plans, Universal Acceptance and many more topics.

The Public Forum was a healthy session and concluded with lots of knowledge and ideas being shared, it was the last event of the third day and was followed by a GALA night.


Session Leader: Brad White

Staff Facilitator: James Cole

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