ICANN64 | Day 3 – Middle East Space – Universal Acceptance

Exclusive Coverage by Tarun Taunk, Chief Editor ITVoice

In this session, the participants and board members will discuss a note that was drafted by the subset of the Middle East community on the subject matter i.e. Universal Acceptance.

The session opened with a Welcome Address by Nadira Al-Araj (Middle East Space Co-Chair)  followed by an Opening Address – Baher Esmat – VP, Global Stakeholder Engagement, Middle East, ICANN.

The topic for the Session was Universal Acceptance and several guests were called upon to address the gathering.

Guest Addresses were given by two of the major people in the ICANN Community:

  • Cherine Chalaby – Chair of ICANN Board of Directors
  • Göran Marby – President and CEO, ICANN


Also one of the guests from Middle East Mr Tijani Ben Jemaa – ME Space Co-Chair addressed the gathering.

What is Universal Acceptance? This question was answered by Sarmad Hussain – Director of IDN Program, ICANN. He told that ” It is the state where all valid domain names and email addresses are accepted, validated, stored, processed and displayed correctly and consistently by all Internet-enabled applications, devices and systems. ”

Then Mr Ram Mohan – Former Chair, Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) told what UASG is all about? The Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) is an Internet community initiative that was founded in February 2015 and tasked with undertaking activities that will effectively promote the Universal Acceptance of all valid domain names and email addresses. The UASG was established by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), and it receives financial and administrative support from ICANN.

Presentation of the Statement was given by Abdelmonem Galila – UA Ambassador and Statement Pen-holder after his remarks the floor was opened for all.

Everyone who wanted and was present in the session gave their respective inputs regarding Universal Acceptance. The session was concluded by the closing remarks from Ms Nadira Al-Araj – Middle East Space Co-Chair.

Session Leader: Baher Esmat

Staff Facilitator: Baher Esmat

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