iBike Announces GPS, A New Product For The Triathlon Market And iBike PowerStroke A Revolution In Cycling Measurement At Eurobike 2013

 iBike-Logo iBike® PowerStrokeTM For the first time ever, on an outdoor bike ride, cyclists can measure their pedaling style, cycling performance, and body/bike movement. iBike PowerStrokeTM technology quantifies wasted power, wasted time and wasted motion. It shows where to improve pedaling style, and quantifies improvements.

PowerStroke takes advantage of the high-speed data bus design of the iBike Newton line of power meters, and the accelerometer and pressure sensors used exclusively by the iBike Newton line. PowerStroke records data 16 times per second – ten times faster than any power meter in the world. This recording rate is so fast that motion can be determined even as the cyclist turns the bike crank. PowerStroke data is processed on a Mac or PC, with new, iBike IsaacTM software version 2.0. Isaac 2.0 reports Newton power measurement and ride data, and adds PowerStroke measurements and analysis. View the iBike PowerStroke Video

PowerStroke changes the playing field, because it gives any cyclist a new way to train and improve performance, without spending thousands on bike parts,” states Glenn Schneider, FL Masters State Champion, 2011 and 2012.

Learn more about PowerStroke data and Isaac PowerStroke analysis screens.

iBike® Newton TrackerTM

The new iBike Newton Tracker is the easiest way for Smart Phone (Android or iPhone) owners to get GPS data from their rides!

For cyclists who ride with a smart phone and want to incorporate GPS into their data iBike Newton Tracker makes it easy to automatically add GPS data to their ride file. Cyclists just ride with their smart phone and when the ride is over the app uploads your GPS data to the iBike cloud. When you download your iBike Newton ride data in iBike Isaac software, the GPS data is pulled from the iBike cloud and automatically added to the ride file!

iBike Newton Tracker makes it easy to share information with popular training software and social sites like Strava.

iBike Newton Tracker include both an app (android or iPhone) a firmware upgrade for iBike Newton, iBike Newton+ and iBike PowerStroke+ power meters.

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