iBall’s Xclusiv K9 Multimedia Deskset: Truly Exclusive For Your Desk!

imagesiBall, known for innovative products and latest technologies, presents yet another innovation…..and this time the focus has turned towards Desksets – unveiling its latest Xclusiv K9 for those who want convenience like never before!

True to its name, Xclusiv K9 presents for the first time in India a keyboard and mouse set with a USB extension port on the top of the keyboard.

The unique extension port allows you to connect Webcams, Pen drives, speakers and many more USB devices directly on the keyboard top giving immense comfort and convenience.

Additionally, this stylish and elegant keyboard has multi-functional hotkeys that gives you quick access to your media player tools, Internet browser and several other applications. Complimenting further, the special soft keys takes your typing experience to another level!

The stylish design and technology of the sealed membrane offers you long lasting usage. And the spill proof device also relaxes your worries on accidental spills.

Paired with the Keyboard – is the Blue eye Opti Technology Mouse Style09 with its breakthrough Technology that even works on glass. The technology allows precise cursor control on virtually every surface be it Glossy, Polished desk, Granite counter etc.

This fashionable deskset, priced at MRP Rs. 875/- only, is a plug and play combo. It is durable and has been especially designed to give you a superior computing experience. Use it now, and you will never want to use another again