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iBall’s Hybrid: 1st Time In India – Dual Connector Pen-Drive

239px-IBall_logo.svgIn the digital world, innovation is the name of the game and iBall – known for its innovative and latest technology products is at the front of the face. Always having had the young professional at the heart of its new product efforts, iBall has launched its latest product, which would make all of them go ‘Why didn’t anyone else think of this before?’ The latest in line – the Hybrid pen drive with its dual connector is bound to make news with its arrival.

This dual connector flash drive comes with standard USB 2.0 on one side and Micro-B connector on the other. While the latter is the latest need – the smaller port goes into mobile phones and Tablet PCs of today. It can work on Mobile Phones or Tablet PCs supporting OTG (On-The-Go Function). And of course the standard USB 2.0 is the port we all have been using all long in pen drives to connect and transfer or copy data from PCs and Laptops.

This Hybrid gadget is a boon for busy professionals who use multiple gadgets in their day and have much to transfer regularly. Weighing just 10 grams, it promises to be your key to convenience at office or home.

Importantly, this flash drive (available in 8GB and 16GB presently) offers dual connectors to make its users’ lives uber-smooth – speed and safety. With its high quality and a robust design featuring a sturdy aluminium alloy casing for durability, this tiny gadget can survive tough hits inside your laptop bag or even some accidental falls.

Commenting on the launch of the Hybrid Dual Pendrive, Sandeep Parasrampuria, Director of iBall said, “We’re increasingly seeing consumers who use multiple gadgets. So whether using a phone or a tablet or a laptop, iBall Hybrid pen drive with its dual connector can be used with each of these devices. We’re proud that our offering of Hybrid pen drive with dual connector is the first such in the country.

With most popular tablets and phones of today thriving on the Micro-B port for data-transfer, the Hybrid pen drive is poised for a long innings in the Indian market. This surely is extreme flexibility and convenience at a very small additional cost.

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