i-sure from Piramal Enterprises’ receiving an extremely positive acceptance

I sure_PackMumbai, June 2013: Indian lifestyle in the urban areas and to some extent in some rural areas has changed dramatically. Today an Indian woman enjoys all the rights, privileges and facilities that were privy only to men. But with increasing responsibilities, comes rising stress and various unavoidable health issues, like infertility. As per the Census results of India, childlessness in India has risen by 50% since 1981. Even some published research states that, in India, educated women have marked higher infertility rates than the uneducated.

Voicing this concern and addressing it with full priority, Piramal Healthcare introduced i-sure, India’s first ovulation detection kit which claims to maximize the chances of pregnancy. Most infertility cases reported by doctors are due to the wrong timing in intercourse and less because of any medical conditions, i-sure seems to be that one product which addresses this issue effectively.

Ovulation normally occurs somewhere in the middle of the menstrual cycle (14 days before period commencement). However this day keeps varying each month and is difficult to ascertain the exact date. i-sure helps confirm those 2 most fertile days of the woman enabling her to plan her intercourse accordingly  and thus increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

According to a recent survey done by Piramal Healthcare, i-sure has received extremely positive acceptance from women. Majority of users conceived after planning their intercourse, after getting a positive sign from i-sure. Overall, the satisfaction level with these women for i-sure was quite high as it is easy to use, 99% accurate and easily available across India.

A working woman from Delhi opines, “This is an excellent product especially for people who don’t have time to plan for a baby.”  While another non working female from Ahmedabad confesses, “It is convenient to use, plus I had a discussion with them on the live chat they provide on their website. The instructions are easy to read and understand. Interpretation of the result is also easy. In my opinion, it is a good product.”

As we are currently living in a techno-ruled world, it is good to see that there are scientific solutions available addressing health issues of women. With i-sure, the power will be passed into the hands of the woman to control her life and plan her pregnancy effectively.

For more details on i-sure, its usage and availability visit www.isurewoman.com