Creative Peripherals Partnered with PhotoFast as India authorized Exclusive Distributor


Creative Peripherals & Distribution a leading provider of audio video products and equipment is proud to announce that it has entered into a partnering agreement with PhotoFast as India authorized Exclusive Distributor to provide a high-quality product line that will benefit both the companies.

PhotoFast has established itself as a global innovator in the specialty storage technology market place. After the launch of the first i-FlashDrive in 2011, the market leader, PhotoFast has continued to develop and revolutionize the way consumers handle data on their smartphones and tablets. Just this September the PhotoFast i-FlashDrive EVO, the world’s first USB 3.0/Lightning memory expansion for iPhone and iPad was released. “We are very proud to see the global adoption of the i-FlashDrive EVO after only 3-months of the launch. Hearing the great user feedback of our unique solution keeps inspiring us in this market segment,” commented Derşan Kaçmaz, Marketing Director at PhotoFast. As an innovator, PhotoFast has always pushed the limits of technology and continually invests into R&D to be able to deliver a product that not only feels advanced but also offers the user a genuine solution. Together with the i-FlashDrive EVO, PhotoFast launched the evolutionary new i-FlashDrive ONE App. The combination of Accessory and App represents the most powerful Appcessory in the market for iPhone and iPad. “Others might lay back and relax after bringing a product like the i-FlashDrive EVO to the market, but we don’t! Our R&D Team is full of creative talent that is passionate to deliver the best solutions to our customers,” said Kaçmaz. Advances in R&D have allowed PhotoFast to once more push the limits of technology and increase the transfer speeds of the i-FlashDrive EVO to be double the speed on both read and write to iOS. A new App Update scheduled to be available in the Apple App Store at the end of the year will increase the speed automatically for all users. For all those users who don’t want to wait for the update and would love to have the speed upgrade applied immediately, PhotoFast has a solution. Please follow these easy three steps:

  •  Connect i-FlashDrive EVO to iPhone or iPad and launch the i-FlashDrive ONE App
  • Wait till the External Storage is synced and hit the In-App Purchase Button
  • Tap on the Speed Upgrade and confirm with your AppleID

“We have a really strong user base and most i-FlashDrive users gave us a lot of feedback in the last 40 months since we launched the very first model. We really appreciate all the feedback and input. I doubt that we could have innovated the EVO without the help of our users. The free of charge speed upgrade is our way of saying thanks to all those who came to us with constructive criticism in the past years. There could not be a better time than Christmas for this free gift,” concluded Kaçmaz. Availability and Pricing: The new i-FlashDrive EVO with Capacity from 8 to 64GB is available in all well assorted Apple specialized Stores and well known IT-Retailers. The highly anticipated 128GB model will be launched in Q1-2015.