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“HyLyt is meant for people who do not want such complex solutions and thus a great fit for small and medium businesses.”-Mr. Rajat Singhania

IT Voice:- What is the vision behind HyLyt?

Mr. Rajat Singhania :-Our vision is “We are looking to generate 2.5 billion man-hours of productive time by the year 2025”. The biggest challenge today is that people are spending as much as 25% of their productive time in saving, searching, organizing and managing information and this has been validated by multiple studies done by various leading research agencies. HyLyt is on mission to help one reduce that number significantly and thus help to generate a significant amount of productive man-hours. Leveraging technology to give better solutions to help us excel in what we do and give us the complete view to do that is our mission.

IT Voice:- How has COVID impacted your business?

Mr. Rajat Singhania :-Corona is an interesting change for us. On one hand, it is the biggest advertising and marketing tool for us because it created the demand and situation where work from home or remote working has become really big, the accepted norm. People working from home need HyLyt because HyLyt is the easiest and needed solution for people working from home. It has kind of built up the potential and future of our product, but the challenge is to get the word out there. People need to work from home, and all the problems they are facing can be significantly mitigated and they can be in a better and stronger spot once they/ their businesses migrate to use Hylyt as the primary option for information management.

IT Voice:- Please enumerate your plans for this year?

Mr. Rajat Singhania :-We aim to be the go-to product for people when they think about information management. While most products work vertically, we are working horizontally, which is our USP and gives us a unique place in the minds of the consumer. We have a powerful roadmap and would be adding AI, location and voice based functions to make the product even more useful and powerful for users.

IT Voice:- How HyLyt can be beneficial to the small enterprises vis-a-vis big players?

Mr. Rajat Singhania :-There are some similar products like ours doing parts of what we do.  But HyLyt is the only product that offers a complete 360-degree solution for information management. We help users integrate and have a unified information management system with innovative ways for managing the information from unlimited app/ data silos. Users can also control how this is used by the various stakeholders. The big problem solved is the challenge of having business relevant information in different places which is a nightmare to manage, access and be available to use. The big businesses have the money and resources to complex and elaborate products needing huge investments of time, money, training and expensive manpower. HyLyt is meant for people who do not want such complex solutions and thus a great fit for small and medium businesses.

IT Voice:- What data security features have you included in the app for enterprises?

Mr. Rajat Singhania :-All data on HyLyt has end to end encryption. Even at the device level, it can be decrypted and viewed through HyLyt only. You can host the entire data on a server of your choice anywhere in the World. HyLyt gives you patent pending options to restrict people from sharing and forwarding information received by them and to remove all information from any user once he/ she leaves the organization or to even transfer to a new user who joins.

Searching Data with HyLyt just got easier as the app unveiled its technology update through which it can optimize its search options and converge similar information based on multiple conditions on real time basis. The latest addition to its features allows HyLyt to be one of its own kind of app that can conduct searches across different file formats on fourteen different search criterions. This global unified information management and collaboration platform offers multiple filters on information to create customized views that help towards business information supervision and decision making in real time without time lag and enable users to operate through a single click.

IT Voice:- Any Enterprises tie-ups & total number of users?

Mr. Rajat Singhania :-The pandemic has reinforced the need for a product like HyLyt. This has led to the growth of knowledge management in the current uncertain times. Our user base has been increasing at a steady rate and we have acquired more than 1000 users in the last 4 months.

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