Huawei is committed to bringing in carbon neutrality; showcases its digital energy technologies

Huawei hosts virtual tour of its Darwin Exhibition Hall; showcases technological advancements in 5G

Huawei hosts virtual tour of its Darwin Exhibition Hall; showcases technological advancements in 5G

Huawei showcased its Digital Power Innovation and Experience Center, reaffirming its commitment towards integrating digital and power electronics technologies, developing clean power, and enabling energy digitalization to drive energy revolution for a better, greener future.

Pursuing innovations in clean power generation, energy digitalization, transportation electrification, green ICT power infrastructure, and integrated smart energy, Huawei is working with customers and partners around the world to develop the digital power industry, and build low-carbon households, buildings, factories, campuses, villages, and cities. This will ultimately support the shift from a low-carbon world to a carbon-neutral world.

The tour gave an insight on how Huawei Digital Power integrates and innovates on digital, power electronics, and heat technologies to manage watts with bits and help customers conserve energy and cut emissions. On showcase were Huawei Digital Power products and solutions spanning smart PV, data center facility, site power facility, DriveONE, embedded power, and integrated smart energy.

The key to carbon neutrality will be becoming low-carbon, electric, and intelligent. Huawei Digital Power focuses on the following aspects:

Power generation: Develop clean power systems that primarily rely on renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, and energy storage.

Energy consumption: Promote full electrification in the transportation industry with DriveONE solutions, and develop green, efficient, and intelligent ICT power infrastructure solutions.

Energy storage: Leverage AI, big data, cloud, and IoT technologies to build intelligent energy storage systems.

The key to achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals will be in becoming low-carbon, electric, and intelligent, which in turn will rely on how digital and power electronics technologies are integrated. Building on Huawei’s established expertise in digital technologies, such as connectivity, AI, and cloud, Huawei Digital Power focuses on power electronics technologies that involve a large portfolio of capabilities such as energy conversion and storage. Huawei Digital Power integrates digital and power electronics technologies and leverages technological advantages to accelerate carbon neutrality. For example:

In the smart PV domain, Huawei combines AI with tracking technologies and uses an intelligent tracking algorithm to determine optimal tracking angles, achieving 1% higher energy yield than traditional methods.

In the data center facility domain, AI technologies are used to save more energy, decreasing the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of the 4,000-rack data center in Langfang, China from 1.42 to 1.26.

In the site power facility domain, telecom operators use Huawei’s AI technologies to implement intelligent peak staggering at base stations, improving battery utilization and cutting electricity bills. Each site sees a reduction of over 17% in electricity costs each year while ensuring reliable backup power.

Digital power is an open and ecosystem-centric business. Huawei Digital Power is implementing an open ecosystem strategy that opens up hardware and software, and promotes multi-layer collaboration across the industry. We are working with like-minded partners to upgrade the energy industry, and create an open and symbiotic digital power ecosystem that thrives on shared success.

By the end of 2021, Huawei Digital Power has helped customers generate 482.9 billion kWh of green power and save about 14.2 billion kWh of electricity. These efforts have resulted in a reduction of nearly 230 million tons in CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting 320 million trees.

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