March 8, 2021

Huawei aims to beat Apple, Samsung in mobile market

Chinese tech giant Huawei is preparing to overtake Apple and Samsung in the mobile phone market, a report has said.


Wan Biao is the chief executive of Huawei Devices, the division of the company leading the charge to move from controversial infrastructure provider to a top global company whose products consumers aspire to own.

According to the Telegraph, he is aiming for nothing less than challenging Samsung and Apple.

While speaking about his firm’s expansion strategy Biao pointed out that five years ago, Apple and Samsung were not a big firm like they are at present.

Similarly, he added, “you can’t see where we’ll be in five years, at least top three, may be number one.”

According to the paper, when asked if Huawei can really join Samsung and Apple in such a short time, Biao’s archness is apparent, as he said he “can’t predict who the other two will be.”

Now one year in to a five-year transformation strategy, Huawei’s aim is to turn away from the controversies that have mired it in accusations that its networks build spying capabilities into their hardware, the paper said.

Australia, the US and New Zealand, among others, have taken special measures to prevent Huawei from being part of government contracts, it added.