HP Services Prepare Customers For Big Data

imagesHP today announced it has expanded its Big Data Consulting Practice with new services that enable customers to plan, implement and maintain an IT infrastructure that supports big data initiatives that reduce costs and improve IT productivity.

Organizations understand the value and benefits derived from big data. However, as data increases in volume, variety, velocity and vulnerability, it adds cost, complexity and pressure on an organization’s IT resources and infrastructure.

The HP Big Data Consulting Practice now offers strategy, design and implementation services that simplify IT management and reduce infrastructure maintenance costs, while ensuring compliance with industry standards and government regulations.

Organizations want to accelerate the monetization of big data, but do not fully comprehend the impact, strain and complexity involved in building an integrated, well-managed big data environment,” said Biswanath Bhattacharya, Vice President & General Manager, India Technology Services, Enterprise Group, HP India. “HP Technology Services helps customers develop a strategic approach to big data, ensuring they have the necessary plan, infrastructure and protection in place to gain real-time insight that enables data to become a competitive edge for the business.

The HP Big Data Infrastructure Transformation Experience Workshop helps customers develop an integrated IT strategy for the capture, consolidation and management of big data. During this one-day, interactive workshop, HP experts meet with stakeholders to define and architect an approach that balances short-term gains with a reliable long-term strategy. The result is a clear, defined IT role in deriving value from big data while managing associated costs.

Hadoop is a scalable, flexible and cost-effective framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment However, building and maintaining a Hadoop cluster can be complex and time-consuming.

New HP services help organizations navigate the complexities of Hadoop design and implementation by providing a detailed plan that considers deployment goals and supports growth, including:

HP Enterprise Design Service for Hadoop—HP works with IT and organizational stakeholders to create a customized Hadoop design architecture that delivers a high-performance, unified big data platform.

HP Implementation Service for Hadoop—HP experts install, configure, integrate and test a customized Hadoop environment that is properly integrated with the customer’s underlying operating and storage systems, freeing internal IT resources to focus on innovation.

HP Reference Architecture Implementation Service for Hadoop—HP offers a variety of predeveloped reference architectures that speed the deployment and testing of a customer’s new environment. Delivered by HP consultants, this service incorporates best practices associated with Hadoop to implement the system as specified in the reference architecture.

Adopting a big data strategy requires awareness of the risks, challenges and impact to security, compliance and business continuity programs. HP Big Data Protection and Compliance Analysis helps customers identify potential issues and achieve compliance with government and industry data security requirements.

HP Technology Services also offers a broad range of in-depth training courses including Hadoop for Systems Administrators, a hands-on, three-day workshop that covers the essentials of deploying and managing a Hadoop cluster. Customers can compare and contrast three versions of Hadoop, while exploring core Hadoop services focused on troubleshooting and recovery from common cluster failures.