HP and 20th Century Fox Partners collaborate to Deliver Converged Cloud Digital Enterprise

2hp_logo0th Fox Century has chosen HP as its strategic cloud partner to use the power of the cloud to drive business growth through increased agility while ensuring that its entertainment assets remain secure.

Fox’s cloud initiative will enable IT to offer agile, scalable and cost-effective services to the Fox Business Units that leverage the Fox Enterprise Media Framework (EMF), a mission-critical set of capabilities for managing, collaborating and distributing media assets globally.

The entertainment industry’s digital transformation has placed huge demands on Fox’s IT environment. By migrating its traditional IT infrastructure to a converged cloud solution, Fox is driving out IT costs while supporting business innovation.

“We continue to build upon our world-class digital supply chain by transforming into a cloud-enabled enterprise, providing the scalability and agility our business partners demand,” said John Herbert, executive vice president and chief information officer, 20th Century Fox. “In addition to media management, this highly efficient, cost-competitive cloud solution provides an ideal environment to support our internal cross-divisional customer needs.”

As a result of this transformation, Fox will further align business and IT, accelerating enterprise agility and shared services responsiveness. The converged cloud enterprise framework will be powered by an HP CloudSystem Enterprise including HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage, HP Cloud Service Automation, and HP Database and Middleware Automation to deliver true cloud pooling of resources. This will allow Fox to provide real-time consumption and capacity monitoring, resulting in transparent and competitive cost structures. Fox also plans to use the bursting capability of HP CloudSystem to burst to HP’s public cloud when peak demand requires additional capacity.

Key to the solution will be the ability to provide zone-defined cloud security. This will allow Fox to create high-security “cloud zones” for media management and content distribution, delivering the full flexibility of a digital enterprise while mitigating the risk. Unique cloud zone security profiles will be used for marketing, publicity and production content. These security cloud zones will be underpinned by solutions from the HP Enterprise Security portfolio.

“20th Century Fox has taken a visionary approach, building its cloud infrastructure for the future,” said Bill Veghte, chief operating officer, HP. “They are disrupting the traditional IT delivery methods and transforming themselves from a builder to a broker of IT services.”