How to transfer your WhatsApp chat history from Android to iPhone

Whatsapp announced a new feature of allowing users to transfer their chats history  from I-phone to Android last year. This feature was only available for Samsung users. But after few months Google revealed an announcement  that all of it’s pixel phones are gaining transfer feature. This feature will be available on all new phones which will come with  Android-12 version. But what if we transfer whatsapp chats from Android to I-phone. Apple is finally making a feature by which we can transfer whatsapp chats from Android to I-phone. For using this feature we have to take a new brand I-phone or we have to factory reset our phone.

Mark Zuckerburg, who is the CEO of Facebook has announced a news on this tuesday that they are adding a feature to whatsapp of securely switching phones and transferring whatsapp chat history including photos,videos,audios and voice messages from Android to I-phones with maintaining end to end encryption.

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