How To Report At Work In Japan Introduced By BISCUE App In 7 Languages

 12176810-en-us-biscueapp-top-image-2“BISCUE App,” a business skills application provided by the Shubiki Corporation, Japan, has released new in-app courses entitled “How to Behave at Work in Japan – Reports,” for smartphones and tablets in 7 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French. 

With the increasing number of Japanese companies that actively hire foreign people, the training and education is becoming highlighted as one of the common issues.

In particular, there is a growing need for companies of all industrial sectors to help their foreign staff master the basics of business in Japan including the basic business rules and manners in an effective and efficient manner.

The new series entitled “How to Behave at Work in Japan – Reports” is designed for non-Japanese staff to learn a process of reporting which comprises a part of, “Reports, Communication, and Consultation (HOU-REN-SOU),” a basic principle at work in Japanese companies.

The courses are provided through side-by-side translation between the mother tongue of each learner and Japanese.

This release also includes multilanguage learning courses for Japanese businesspersons who work with foreign staff or work overseas, while providing practical materials to introduce Japanese business customs in English and various other languages.

These multilingual courses are also available in the flat-rate e-Learning/m-Learning libraries “BISCUE LS.

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