How to grow Rajasthan IT Industry, Mr.Kapil (Managing director, The Nine hertz)

Kapil Kumar, M.D The Nine Hertz
Kapil Kumar, M.D Nine Hertz

Mr. Kapil says, Help from the Government is needed to each and every Organization irrespective of their financial stature but I would specifically pen down the pain points of the Organizations which are completely based out of Rajasthan and trying to compete with their counterparts or IT Giants all across the Globe.

Supporting local businesses of other nature is a bit different than supporting IT because of one simple reason that we playing around Internet which means are Target customers could be from anywhere around the world thus letting inside the foreign currency. Important point here in most cases we are not generating money from within the economy and sharing across All which is basically a closed loop of economy. We are getting the revenue from all across the Globe and putting it into our economy. That being said, with right support we can easily scale up the business and can bring in more and more revenue each year.

Few recommendations from our end which might help organizations like us to flourish further would be :-
1) We are completely based out of Rajasthan and have no support whatsoever from any existing IT Giants of India or overseas which provides business. We create the opportunities ourselves and provide employment to more than 150 people. We cater startups and enterprises all around the Globe and thus we have to be well equipped with our infrastructure which includes uninterrupted electricity (mandatory genset to ensure uninterrupted power supply) , chilling plants because more than 50 systems run simultaneously from morning to evening and sometimes an entire day system or software licenses , a reliable leased line and most importantly a decent working space for our employees with adequate space to park their vehicles.
Now, there are lot of options where government can extend their support to us. We have to support 150 people each month, some might be supporting even more + we have other expenses mentioned above. Least Government can do is to provide us the subsidy in our electricity / internet bills.
2) There could be a government scheme of insurances for such companies who are entirely Rajasthan Based which covers their losses due to any natural calamity like earthquakes or fires or anything which unintentionally shuts the company or damages to its daily operations.
3) We need to ensure we have all the paid and renewed licenses from Adobe, Microsoft , Oracle and other OEMs . Government can also provide some support in having these licensed renewed each month as without these paid software it’s impossible to build different other forms of softwares.
4) Government banks should have a scheme specifically for IT organizations where they should get OD limit with lease interest rates as compared to private banks.
5) There are dedicated software parks from the Government but those would still need a good investment to purchase land and build something over the time. Many organizations can’t afford the same even in near future there has to be some co work places or a government managed buildings/ premises which can support small startups or a midsized organizations .
6) SEZs are at outskirts, there has to be a separate transport facility from the government besides public transport which support the daily burden of the employees working in those organizations established in SEZ . This way most companies would be willingly relocate to SEZ because at least they need not bear the transportation cost of their employees which again is a burden for local companies competiting global leader. Also, metro routes should be designed considering these software parks location.
7) Government should create a body which could keep a close eye on these small organizations and their growth which further would assist government to determine what best could be done to support these organizations in a longer run. Maybe identifying the key stake holders of any organization who are doing good and giving them some sort of recognition so as to encourage more and more entrepreneurs to start their journey.