How to convert scanned documents into text file for editing

convertWith the right software, most photo scanners and multifunction printers can scan documents into digital files. Once the scanner captures an image or PDF file of the document and saves it on your computer, you can use an optical character recognition (OCR) program to analyze the document and convert it to text that can be edited in Microsoft Word or another word-processing application.

Some manufacturers include a basic OCR program along with drivers and other utility software when you buy the scanner hardware. Or you can buy them separately. If your scanner did not come with OCR software, you may have some on your computer anyway.

The 2003 and 2007 editions of Microsoft Word include Microsoft Office Document Imaging tools for optical character recognition, for example, and the company has instructions for installing the software for use with Word 2010 at The OneNote program, included with some versions of Microsoft Office and also available separately, has OCR functions as well. Recent versions of Adobe Acrobat have O.C.R. built in, as does the popular Evernote program.

source : Times of India