How to Choose a PBX Phone System That Matches Your Business Needs ?

What is a crucial aspect for the success of your business? Depending on the industry, different people will have different answers. But one aspect remains constant across. Communication.

Swift and efficient communication allows for faster decisions, quicker actions and more effective problem solving. It enables all involved members to stay and top of things, and keeps out those who shouldn’t get involved. We’re talking about internal and external communication here.

Let’s admit something about this communication. Most of it is verbal, since decisions in small businesses are taken on the go. Shouting instructions across the office is not a viable option. So what is?

Enter PBX Phone Systems

PBX phone systems are common communication modes used by small businesses. So what are they?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It’s a network of private phone lines within an organization to facilitate communication. Users can make voice calls within the company and outside. Different technologies like Voice over IP, ISDN or analog are used depending upon need.

PBX systems allow you to have more phones than physical phone lines, and make free calls to users. It also offers features like voicemail, call transfers and recording, automatic call distribution queues, interactive voice recordings (IVR) and more.

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The Benefits of Using a PBX Phone System

A virtual PBX system, one that deploys VoIP technology, is hosted on a cloud instead of a local place. It integrates many of your company’s operations. Three benefits of such a system are:

1. Ease of communication

This is the primary reason for installing PBX phone lines.

Users can make free calls among themselves, transfer calls and even join conference calls. Not just that, callers from outside the organization can get routed to the right department in less than thirty seconds without human intervention.

All this enables smooth flow of communication, enhances customer experience, and makes employees more productive.

2. Scalability and Location Independence

A virtual phone system gives your people access 24/7 regardless of their location.

It also lets clients connect with your team at any time. This feature is especially useful for businesses that work with partners in different time zones.

Such a system also allows you to add phone lines within minutes. Just a line and a device, and an additional user is all set. This means the service is easily scalable.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Of course, with scalability comes the question of cost. Cost is a critical metric in the functioning of your small business. How deep a hole does such a system burn in your pocket?

Here’s good news.

The virtual (or hosted) PBX system is substantially cheaper than physical phone lines. Add reduced installation cost and almost non-existent maintenance expenses, and you’ll find the savings rise even further.

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How to Choose the Apt Phone System

With the above listed benefits and the wide number of options in the market, how will you choose an apt PBX service? (We said apt, not best. Because when it comes to phone systems, good enough is good enough. You don’t need a state-of-the-art system that costs you a fortune for features you don’t use.)

As always, we’re here to present you with points that you can rely on to evaluate a useful service for your business.

1. Business Objective

Before scouring the market, make a list of needs you want the phone line to fulfill. A quality PBX service can offer the following features:

a. Interactive voice response and automated call distribution for external callers
b. Integration with your CRM software
c. Call transfer, call recording and conference calling

… and more.

What do you need this system for?

2. Initial investment

A hosted PBX will work with your existing internet connection and LAN. If these are not sufficient to handle the additional load, you might need to upgrade your equipment.

Along with the configuration, you also should factor in the requirements for devices. While this won’t be much, it still is a cost. Plus, you’ll have tariffs like the following:

a. Monthly rental
b. Number of free minutes per month
c. Additional users
d. Long distance and international calling
e. Additional inbound numbers
f. IVRs (often included in the package)

If you find a hosted PBX that fits your budget and provides you with the features you need, half the battle is won.

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3. Technical and Customer Support

Not for your customers, but for you.

It’s important to know what type of service the provider will offer you. That’s why we recommend getting the service installed at your location instead of purchasing the devices online. Online purchase will be cheaper, but support and troubleshooting may be limited to mere phone calls.

If you find yourself in a fix, it’s safer to have an expert technician come over to your location.

Every service provider will claim to be best-in-class, high-quality and reliable. Research well. Browse through opinions of people who have purchased the service.

Pro Tip: Don’t believe opinions of customer who gave the service provider a 5-star rating. Don’t form an opinion based 1-star ratings either. Read opinions of 3-star ratings. These are balanced perspectives. They’ll give you a fair idea about the good points and concern areas of the service provider. (You can use this tip to research any item that you want to purchase, not just PBX systems.)

Summing Up

There are other metrics to consider while choosing a hosted PBX service. Like, can you use your existing devices, can you use it from multiple locations, and so on. Either way, you won’t go wrong if you look for a system that’s good-enough.

Installing and using a PBX phone system is one of the smartest investments you can make for your business. It’ll enable your business to become more productive and scale up quicker.

Convinced enough to want to get a free demo for a PBX system? Good. Connect with us and we’ll take this further.

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