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How to check all devices that you ever used to login to Facebook

Most of us often find ourselves jumping from one smartphone to after every few months or couple of years. And these smartphones have, over time, become the primary device from where we access our social media accounts, one of which is no doubt, Facebook. With us skipping devices often and logging in to Facebook with each one of them, it can be difficult to keep a track from what all devices we have logged in over the years.
To make sure you have logged out from all those devices from where you have ever logged in to Facebook, follow these steps.
On smartphone:
– Open the Facebook app and tap on the three line icon on the top corner where you find all the app settings.
– Inside the section, scroll down to ‘Account Settings’
– Once inside the option, tap on ‘Security and login’
– Here you will see a section titled ‘Where you’re logged in’. The section will be showing the top two devices from where you stay logged in the most. Tap on the ‘See more’ option below the mentioned devices.
– Tapping it will open the complete list of smartphones and laptop from where you’ve logged in.
-You have the option to log out of select devices. However if you want to log out from all of them at once, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on ‘Log out of all sessions.’
On laptop:
The process is almost the same if you are planning to log yourself out from devices using a laptop.
– Click on small drop down icon placed besides the question mark icon on the upper right corner. It’s the same section where you have the ‘Log Out’ option.
– Click on ‘Settings’ option, which is placed just above the log out option.
– Click on ‘Security and Login’ option on the left side.
– Here you will see the ‘Where you’re logged in’ section. Click on the ‘See More’ option.
– Here also you have the option to log out of select devices or all the devices at once.