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How to become an e-gaming wizard

How to become an e-gaming wizard
How to become an e-gaming wizard

Shifting from its cliched bad boy personality, e- gaming has now become a recreational activity and a go-to stress buster. Did you know that at this moment , there are more than two billion online-gaming enthusiasts who are wired in? Interestingly, the trend and the craze is on a steady upward trajectory and is only going to attract more and more consoles to the phenomenon.

While the premise of e-gaming seems easy, the experience is definitely layered and one filled with a lot of learning. So if you are a newbie attempting to foray into the world of online gaming, then continue reading this for some helpful tips on how to get e-gaming,

#1 Finding and setting a symmetric fiber internet connection

If looking for an optimum gaming experience, you need to set up a fiber broadband internet that promises unlimited data and high speed, because when fighting in the realm of zombies, you wouldn’t want your internet to be glitching right at the middle

#2 Form a squad

Teamwork is the solution to almost everything and anything. So when venturing out in the world of consoles and AWDX, it is suggested to seek counsel from friends/acquaintances who can help guide you through the dungeons and dragons

#3 The path to progress

There’s always a learning curve when it comes to trying something new. You won’t be able to progress rapidly if you don’t have the patience to understand the fundamentals of online gaming. Almost every game has a variety of play levels from which to pick depending on your ability level. Even if you haven’t attempted the beginner’s stage, you don’t have to rush to the expert level. Stick to the level that best matches your skill set, collect the necessary experience, and go to the next step.

#4 Control the cash

While many online games state that they are 100% free, they ask you to pay for exclusive shields and upgrades. Paying also helps you to progress rapidly but it is the easier way out and takes out the fun element of crossing obstacles and earning badges

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