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How recent chinese apps ban are a threat to security?

The government’s recent step to ban the Chinese apps in India was certainly because of security reasons as well. Since the attackers have paved new ways of cyberattacks, these ban on Chinese apps is a crucial step to curb the extended threat of cyberattacks.

Reacting on the same Mr.Karmesh Gupta who is one the industry experts in cybersecurity has shared his views. Please find below the inputs attributed to Mr. Karmesh Gupta, CEO & Co-founder at WiJungle(World’s first unified network security gateway)

“The very first important element to be aware of PUBG is that only PUBG Mobile and Mobile Lite have been banned by the government. PUBG & PUBG Lite meant for PC, XBOX & PS4, developed & published by PUBG Corporation, a South Korean company is still available in India.

The prime reason behind blocking PUBG Mobile and Mobile Lite is from national security standpoint as its publisher, Tencent, has its majority servers based in China.

The various complaints were received by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology including an exhaustive recommendation from the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs about the misuse of mobile apps available on android and IOS platforms to transmit user’s data on servers outside India.

After credible inputs that information posted, permissions sought, functionality embedded as well as data harvesting practices of multiple apps including PUBG raised serious concerns that these apps collect and share data in a secretive manner and compromise personal data and information of users that can have a severe threat to the security of the state & thus finally under section 69A of IT Act & relevant provisions under IT Rules 2009, MeitY blocked PUBG. “