How Netflix is bringing saved shows leisure to its watchers by updating ‘My List’

Netflix Headquarters (Image-: Venti Views)

The binge watching OTT platform, Netflix is coming up with new updates in its filtering section in the ‘My List’ section of the app, as finding bookmarked movies/web series on the app will be less of a hectic task for the users now. Beginning with Android, users will have the ability to apply filters to their list, allowing them to categorize it by movies, TV shows, “Haven’t Started,” and “Started.” Furthermore, they can sort their list based on various options such as the date of addition, release dates, and alphabetically. For iPhone users this feature is expected to be added in upcoming few weeks.

Netflix ‘My List’ (Ayiman Mohanty)

The new filters are expected to be a greater help in sifting through the chunk of movie finding mess and also increase the saves of what-to-watch next to their lists. Previously their were no such filters to support the time and efficiency saving of its customers , so they had to scroll through the app completely to find what they needed to view at that time. Adding to this, subscribers can simply now swipe on the title cards of movies/shows to remove them from the list. Earlier the struggle was of opening up of details then select the bookmark icon to go to My List and then erase it from the saved list.

Netflix coming up with new filters for ‘My List’

Netflix is also upgrading the positioning of their Coming Up shows/movies feature by bringing it on to the front home page as it could help the viewers set a reminder for what’s about to come new and keep a track of it. Netflix has taken steps towards discontinuing password sharing and has implemented restrictions on password sharing in four specific countries: Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. According to reports, this crackdown has resulted in a significant decline in users in Spain during the first quarter of 2023, with a decrease of over 1 million users.

Interestingly, there is no strong demographic skew to those who cancelled, signaling a more outright rejection of the password-sharing clampdown. In a worrying sign for the next quarter, 10% of remaining Netflix subscribers say they plan to cancel their plan in Q2 2023, which is well above the average seen in previous quarters.

as the reports suggested.

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