How IT Industry is dealing with covid-19 pandemic views shared by Mr. Ramya Chatterjee CEO of Cybernetyx with IT Voice team

Q.1 What efforts are being put to stay relevant in this lockdown period? 

 It is an unprecedented experience for all of us. Almost everyone is going through a tough phase and finding it challenging to deal with the abrupt change in lifestyle due to this lockdown. 

 Following the mandates given by the Government and ensuring the safety of our employees, we have transitioned to Work From Home model smoothly, providing business continuity to clients without lowering quality or productivity. 

 The foremost reason for the smooth transition is the practice of this policy much before it became mandatory. Being a leader in Smart Collaboration Solutions, we design devices that work best on any panel, enabling teams to virtually collaborate, meet, give demo, take client calls, and progress in their respective works. 

 Q.2 How relevant is work from home for the IT Industry?

 With a virtual environment on Cloud, file sharing, and team collaboration features, the IT industry moves at its pace, without much obstruction. And now is the time that every business recognizes the radical shift happening in and around them.  

 With global footprints, remote workforce, and advanced collaboration tools; Work from Home is very much prevalent in the  industry, and has been implemented much before COVID – 19 which made it mandatory.  

 Q.3 How different sectors of the economy are bearing the brunt of the corona virus outbreak? 

 Needless to say, this is a challenging time for each sector, however, those sectors that are directly dealing with people’s behavior are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus. Industries like travel & tourism, hotels, entertainment and Organised Retail would take the longest to recover. 

 Companies dealing with pharmaceutical products, medical and healthcare equipment, Video Conferencing Platform, e-Learning platform  & essential commodities are among those which have actually witnessed  a jump in their business. 

 Q.4 If work from home suits you then are you interested to give this opportunity to rural areas so they can work from home for your organization? 

 A Big Yes. Even before this pandemic situation, we have on boarded many employees to work with us without visiting the premises on a daily basis. Our vision is to amplify human ingenuity and well being by connecting people, devices, and algorithms over our machine intelligence platforms. Leveraging the power of advanced technologies in Education, Business, and Customer, we create enriched life experiences for our customers and employees. 

 Q.5 What are the other empowerment possibilities with less resources? 

 With less resources on our premises, we empower our remote employees through virtual training, webinars, demos and interactive sessions.  

 Q.6 What is the effect which you face nationally/globally due to Covid19 Virus? 

 As a company working on digital platforms, we are successfully maintaining the productivity of our employees and meeting the expectations of the clients. But the major disadvantage we are facing due to COVID – 19 is the transportation & logistic of our hardware devices. With temporarily suspended logistics services, we have halted our logistics operations. Following our Government’s regulations and to ensure the health and safety of our front-end staff who have had to deal with local authorities and customers, we have informed all our valued customers to expect a delay in the deliveries & they are also cooperating with us.

 Q.7 What is your message for IT Industries? 

 As the COVID-19 outbreak is declared as a pandemic, we have taken all the preventive measures to ensure the safety of our employees, partners & distributors, and the community as a whole. Certainly, this is not the best time to evaluate the P&L sheet and market value of your company, or compete. To make sure your workforce is collaborating well, empower them with the right technology tools.