How Advanced Text Analytics Can Increase Operational Efficiency & CX, a webinar session by JK Technosoft Ltd.

Digitization and Digital Transformation is the current key. But for every organizations to get digital it is important they accept and adopt the current emerging technologies. A webinar based on AI  led by JK Technosoft’s thought leaders Mr. Anish Narayan, AVP – Global Analytics Practice Head, Mr. Sathyan Pari, Principal Consultant – Analytics Practice & Ms. Sushma Palla, Senior Consultant – Analytics Practice Expert in the Smart Analytics domain. They will show how companies can advocate their customers about the digital world and how it will benefit them to attain maximum output. Businesses are increasing their top-line revenue, customer experience, optimizing the bottom-line costs and operational efficiency  because of the increased digital data explosion.

The first episode of the webinar series will be based on AI-based text analytics solutions. It is a SaaS-based AI NLP Platform which will help organizations to gain better insights  and knowledge about the market and the changing customer perceptions about brands, products & services. It will also demonstrate how JKT’sSales Promotion Recommendation Engine can help customers boost their top-line growth and streamline their bottom-line costs.

Through this Webinar, organizations, as well as an individual will learn –

  • How  to plan a Digitaldata journey?
  • How can digital data help implement better strategies to produce better results?
  • How can the digital data mining journey be improved and enhanced?
  • How to make business adoption attractive?
  • How to reduce operational costs?

 Mr. Anish Narayan, AVP — Global Analytics Practice Head, said that adopting the current technological trend is not a choice but a necessity to retain the place in this competitive market.