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Hitachi to Strengthen Business Structures by Integrating Five Group Companies

Hitachi Vantara Delivers Intelligent DataOps Software Suite to Give Organizations Faster Access to Better Data
Hitachi Vantara Delivers Intelligent DataOps Software Suite to Give Organizations Faster Access to Better Data

Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) will strengthen its business structures to enhance its digital solution business as a strategy to further expand business in the People’s Republic of China.

Specifically, Hitachi will merge the business of five companies, including Hitachi Solutions (China) Co., Ltd., Hitachi Beijing Tech Information Systems Co.,Ltd., Hitachi Systems (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Hitachi Consulting (China) Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Consulting Information Technology Delivery (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., into Hitachi Solutions (China) Co.,Ltd. after April 2019 to combine and further develop its technology and knowhow to support solutions for challenges faced by society and corporations in China. 

By providing a capital increase to Hitachi Solutions (China) Co., Ltd. from Hitachi, Hitachi Solutions (China) Co., Ltd. will become one of Hitachi’s subsidiaries, instead of a subsidiary of Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., to drive the expansion of the Social Innovation Business in China.

Currently, the Hitachi Group has been accelerating the global development of its social innovation business and China is one of its most important markets. While the Hitachi Group has been aiming to further develop its business in fields of focus such as industry, urban, energy, and elder and nursing care, the importance of digital solutions using Hitachi Group’s accomplishments in the OT(1) and IT business as well as its diverse accumulated knowledge and expertise has been growing.

Through the business restructuring, the knowledge, know how, resources and solutions in the IoT and data analytics fields accumulated by each of the above five companies are merged to achieve greater efficiency in the development of digital solutions and accelerate the creation of new values in the fields of the Hitachi Group’s focus. 

Hitachi Group will also improve its productivity and enhance its sales capabilities, thus further accelerating collaborative creation with the partners in China, and will respond diversely to customer needs centered on digital solutions that support the Social Innovation Business.

The Hitachi Group will continue to offer digital solutions globally for the social infrastructure with higher added values. Through this effort, the Hitachi Group will continue to contribute to improving people’s QoL(2) and building a sustainable society.