We are gearing up to be a big presence in all the tangible and in-tangible platforms for the growing IT Hardware market & growing demand from end users

Himanshu Jain, Director of Acro Engineering Company

Himanshu Jain, Director of Acro Engineering Company

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Himanshu Jain, Director of Acro Engineering Company answered questions about the year-end 2021 and the future ahead in an exclusive interaction with IT-Voice:
Prateek: What were the key achievements of Acro in the year 2021?

Himanshu Jain: Acro has managed to unlock a lot of key achievements in the year 2021 all thanks to the decisions and directions taken by our directors 5 years back. The vision we had then has driven us and our organization to reach the heights we are at now. Looking back to the time we often thank each of ourselves that we made those hard decisions and changes that were necessary for long-term growth. Acro was awarded national distributor of the year by NCN this year. Acro has also managed to take our partner brands to the forefront of the respective categories. Brands such as MSI, Deepcool, Ant Esports, Razer were awarded best in their respective categories by NCN this year.

Prateek: Did Acro achieve the targets? What were the major challenges?

Himanshu Jain: Yes, we are happy to acknowledge that Acro has successfully achieved its targets. The major challenge this year was again the threat of Covid which forced us to work from home and also impacted the whole process of distribution. The majority of the effects of this challenge were mitigated by the tremendous work culture and work ethics of every Acro family member. As a Director, I am very much proud and thankful to our hard-working team for adapting to the dire situation that Covid had posed.

Prateek: What will be the company’s strategies for the forthcoming year?

Himanshu Jain: As the size of the IT Hardware Market is growing along with the demand from the end-users, we are gearing up to be a big presence in all the tangible and in-tangible platforms. Right now, the major problem that everybody faced was the availability of the hardware at the right places at the right time. For the next year, our practices will be to meticulously focus on these problems.

Prateek: What innovative products and trends we can expect in the year 2022?

Himanshu Jain: There are a lot of new products that are there in the pipeline as with the growing market a lot of brands are looking to expand their portfolio along with the necessary components, brands are also focused on products that increase the user experience and comfort.

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