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Overall the landscape has changed a lot and we can expect more and more unique products falling in the budget segment and becoming easily accessible to the masses. – Himanshu Jain, Acro Engineering Company, Full Interview

Himanshu Jain, Director of Acro Engineering Company
Himanshu Jain, Director of Acro Engineering Company

Below is a snippet from an interaction between Team IT-Voice and Himanshu Jain, Director of Acro Engineering Company. Acro Engineering Company AEC is a leader in the distribution of technology products and services across India. Himanshu Jain has answered the questions about the company, industry, gaming industry, and the future ahead.

Prateek: Please take us through the journey of Acro.

Himanshu Jain: Acro started its journey back in 1981 as a manufacturing firm of various electrical and mechanical components. With time we expanded and evolved into a national distributor of high-end PC components to cater to the ever-growing demand of the nation, we work and function with the motive of bringing the newest and greatest in the field of the PC industry to India and making such components easily accessible to everyone through our vast network of 13 branches and over 300 partners pan India.

Prateek: How has the demand for audio products changed in the present times?

Himanshu Jain: With the advent of smart devices that allow you to carry your powerful audio gear in form of headsets or earphones anywhere and with online streams in form of Podcasts, live streams, and gaming growing exponentially, audio devices have become more of a need than leisure what it used to be back then. Demand for premium yet affordable components has brought in products like the Ant Audio Wave TWS 850 which one can use as daily drivers as well as for niche cases such as outdoor activities. Streaming online has evolved from a hobby to full-time work for most people which is evident through the release of a product like the Ant Esports Wente 220 RGB mic, which comes at a budget-friendly price tag and aims to cater to streamers that are budget conscious. Overall the landscape has changed a lot and we can expect more and more unique products falling in the budget segment and becoming easily accessible to the masses.

Prateek: What will be Acro’s channel partner strategy in the coming year?

Himanshu Jain: In our country, tier 2 and tier 3 cities have a lot of untapped potentials which is clearly visible from the fact that today we have prominent gamers and content creators coming from smaller cities unlike a few years back. Acro along with its partners would be thriving to cater to this audience by availing them with all the high to mid-range products at affordable pricing the Acro portfolio has to offer.

Prateek: How is the gaming niche unfolding in recent times? What is the company’s vision about the gaming segment?

Himanshu Jain: The gaming scene is on a boon and is growing at an unprecedented rate especially the mobile gaming segment which has crossed the 45% mark of the total gamers in India today! Talent is in abundance and so are the opportunities so we are aiming to bring in more and more products to serve this demand which can be seen in our recent releases of the Ant Esports Wente 220 and StreamCam 120 which is envisioned to bring streaming devices to the budget segment be it a PC or Mobile gamer. Our vision is to build a highly competent catalog of products that are not just affordable but also impart some value and meaning to the communities growth.

Prateek: What is the driving force that keeps you moving every day? What message would you want to give to the readers?

Himanshu Jain: The gaming community means everything to me, what Acro has accomplished and the summits it has reached would not have been possible without it. Therefore, the idea of giving back to this community is what keeps me going every day.

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