October 26, 2020

Hikvision UCTA Cricket Cup Tournament

Udaipur ǀ Udaipur Computer Traders Association (UCTA) is organized the  Hikvision 2017 Cricket Tournament commenced on 25th February 2017 at M. B. A. ground in the under the monitoring of UIT Chairman Mr. Ravindra Shrimali. He was gracefully welcomed by UCTA Chairman Mr. Man Kamalendra Singh Kachhawa and Genral Secretary Devendra Pandya. The members of ECM were present in the ground. 


In Pool A Zebion, Waves, iBall and Pool B HP printer, Binary and ProDot played the match. The first match was played between HP Printers and Binary. Binary scored 95 runs in 15 overs and was all out and HP won the match by 14.1 over.
Zebion and Waves played the second match. Zebion batting first, managed to score 150 runs by the 15th over and Waves managing to score 105 runs by the end of the game lost the match to the hands of Zebion. Followed by, the third match between ProDot and Binary which was won by Binary by 4 runs. The forth match was between the Zebion and iBall which was won by iBall by 14 runs and was able to secure its position for the coming matches of the tournament.     


logoex_ucOn the 26th of Feb. 2017, the HP printer scored 115 runs in 15 overs, in which ProDot was able to secure the match for the finals. The sixth match was played by iBall and Waves, in which iBall managed to win by scoring 111runs and won the match and was in the finals of the tournament.
Final match was between ProDot and iBall. In which 97 runs were made by iBall in the span of 15overs and ProDot was able to beat iBall’s score and claimed the trophy in 14.2overs.
HikVision Cricket Cup Tournament 2017 Winner ProDot


In the closing ceremony the Chief Guest Youth Board Member Udaipur, Mr. Jinendra Shashtri and Special Guest Mr. Madan Singh ji Rathore, dean of Student Welfare, MLSU presented the teams with trophies and best wishes.