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Hikvision launches LED display product line

Hikvision, the world’s leading provider of innovative security products and solutions, has launched a full range of LED displays, providing seamless, high-definition and colorful imaging. Developed and manufactured internally, Hikvision’s LED displays offer indoor fine pitch LED, indoor fixed LED, outdoor LED, and transparent LED technologies to cover a wide range of customization needs.
Hikvision has years of experience in providing monitoring screen displays for surveillance centers, and launching the new LED display product line also marks the entry of Hikvision into the global, commercial digital signage market, and yet another milestone in the company’s continuous expansion from the security field into new business areas.
The new LED displays from Hikvision are designed specifically to meet the growing market demand from enterprise and public safety organizations, advertising companies, and the entertainment industry. The new LED displays were engineered to become the ideal option for monitoring centers, meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor advertising screens, live spectator events, and a host of other scenarios.

With outstanding image rendering technology, Hikvision’s LED displays bring users true-to-life images and video with exquisite, high-definition picture. Equipped with the unique Pix Master image processing technology, the displays offer improved image sharpness, dynamic contrast, saturation, and enhanced clarity from all directions.

Other features include:

Remote control: Users can operate the displays remotely with an easy-to-use multi-function card;
One-click color-temperaturemode-switching: Support for one-click switching amongmultiple color-temperature modes changes the picture to suit virtually any application;
Automatic dehumidification: This feature reduces the rate of malfunctioninglights by 30% on average, effectively lengthening the lifespan of each display;
Blue light filtering: With over 90% of blue light converted to low-energy light,viewers will benefit from effective and responsible eye protection.

Additionally, Hikvision’s LED displays simplify splicingseveral screens together due to its standardized structure, which enables easyinstallation and maintenance and supportscommon 1080p and 4K resolutions withaccurate proportion.
About Prama Hikvision India
Prama Hikvision is the India’s leading security and surveillance solution provider. In addition to the security industry, the company extends its reach to Smart Home Products and Solutions, Industrial Automation, and Robotics to achieve its long-term vision. The endeavour is to provide superior pre- sales and post-sales service through collaboration with local distributors and its allied partners.

Building on a growing global footprint, Prama Hikvision India is committed to provide high quality products with agile technical support serving a large network of dealers and system integrators across India, through its 51+ branches and a motivated workforce of 2700 + employees. It has a ‘Make in India’ manufacturing facility near Mumbai. For more information, please visit us at www.hikvisionindia.com.

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