HiFi Apple Music Support, Third-Gen AirPods might arrive soon!

Apple Music

Source: Pexels (CottonBro)

According to HitsDailyDouble, Apple may soon announce Hi-Fi support in their Apple Music App, at the same price point $9.99.

It is expected to launch alongside the third-generation AirPods, We don’t know if these will be compatible with the audio technology or not, but we hope so.

Spotify had announced in February, introducing their new HD Tier audio, but we still don’t have a launching date yet. Apple strategy will probably be for an aggressive pricing to beat out other competitors in the market.

While we don’t know when exactly they plan to launch all this, but they are having their WWDC 2021 soon in the month of June (first week).

So, will you plan to switch to the Apple Hi-Fi Audio?

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