Here’s All About Apple’s Secret Work Culture!

There are very few tech companies who protects their products like Apple does here’s a slink crest into it.

After the success story of iPod, Apple started limiting information reveal on developing products from inside or outside the company. Leander Kahney, author of “Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products”, is well versed with company’s secret policy.

He details that Apple goes to greater heights to limit any knowledge about any new products as only handful employees possess such knowledge, to avoid leaks. In his book, a section is dedicated to this practice which says, “Apple’s intense devotion to keeping products under tight wraps until their launch”.

A former Apple engineer, who worked very closely with Jony’s group in product design team exposed that secrecy can be very tiring, writes Kehney. “Out of everything I’ve done in my life, I’ve never observed more secret environment than this”, he said. “We were in steady danger of losing jobs for revealing even shred of information , if you are working in Apple, even your neighbours are clueless about your project or product you are working on”.

Apple engineers work in small teams, closed groups and designer rarely receives public credit, which seems to trouble them. Nonetheless, Apple’s commitment to secrecy is very impressive, if you consider its size. This attitude of Apple does work, as most details come from their supply chains and not Apple itself.

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