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Here’s A New Tool That Hunts Through Clutter Of Apps To Find What You Need!



Honestly, you might be having the best of smartphone at your mercy, also, chances are you’ve loaded it with a slew of handy apps for all your varied needs. However, when you require to do something in particular, for instance, look for a good restaurant in your vicinity, do you find going through the clutter for that one particular app to find what you need rather frustrating? Well, sure you do! In that case, Quixey has something for you!

US-based company Quixey is developing a new search engine that can make your life easier by hunting through the clutter of apps you have installed on your device to find something that actually fits your search criteria at a particular moment of time. So, instead of going through endless screens looking for an app that will find you good restaurants, you can let the search engine do that for you and present to you what you actually need. A new prototype built by Quixey focuses on searching for places to eat and drink.

When you’re looking for a specific cuisine, the search engine will show the highest-rated places nearby from review apps. Further, it will also give you links to apps that make reservations and check availability. If that wasn’t enough, the search engine can also offer results from even those apps that are not installed on your device. “A search bar is the better way to use third party apps – and the Quixey vision is to put that search bar on every device,” Liron Shapira, a co-founder of the company was quoted as saying.

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