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Here are 15 interesting stats about WhatsApp

Here are 15 stats about Whats App and message by SMS is now slowly becoming past story. We are living in the age of smart communication systems like Whats App and other I Ms. Now a days Whats App particularly is dominating the market. It has dynamically change the way of texting. Sending a text , voice,image and video message have become easier than ever,The platform has 800 million users. Very soon it will be double.Here are interesting facts about this revolutionary communication platform.
1. According to latest report from April 2015, Whats App has more than 800 million active users.

2. India contributes largest share to active user base of Whats App. It formulates over 10% of it’s total user base.

3. More than 1 million users register on Whats App everyday.

4. By January 2015, total 30 billion messages were shared on Whats App daily.

5. Over 700 million pictures get shared on Whats App everyday.

6. More than 100 million videos are shared through Whats App per day.

7. Average time that user spends on Whats App per week is 195 minutes.

8. Google had offered to pay $10 billion to Whats App much before Facebook acquired it for $19 billion.

9. 27% of total selfies shared on social media are on Whats App.

10. Whats App holds 13% of total APAC messaging app market.

11. Whats App founder Jan Koum was denied job at Facebook in 2008.

12. The oldest internet connected phone that is capable of running Whats App is Nokia N95.

13. Whats App released it’s smartwatch version for Android wear devices in August 2014.

14. Whats App is the 5th most downloaded app on Android.

15. Whats App has only 55 employees, out of which only 34 are engineers. Which derives the ratio of 1 developer to 23 million active users.

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