HCL Technologies and Sierra Wireless Showcase Smart Logistics Solution at Mobile World Congress 2019

HCL Technologies, a global technology company, and Sierra Wireless, the leading provider of fully integrated device-to-cloud solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the availability of the HCL Smart Logistics for Inventory Tracking 1.0 Accelerator powered by SAP® Leonardo. This SAP-certified solution integrates with the Sierra Wireless OctaveTM distributed data orchestration platform to deliver a secure, scalable solution that will transform how companies manage inventories of consumable product. The solution uses low-power, wide-area (LPWA) wireless technology and provides near real-time visibility into asset data to monitor inventory efficiently, improve traceability, and unlock additional revenue from assets.

Companies are struggling to track critical location, condition, integrity, and inventory data from their high-value assets. They can deploy IoT-connected sensors but getting timely, actionable data to their back-end systems is complex and requires an integrated approach.

“Supply-chain optimization is critical for business success today, and the combination of cellular technologies, IoT data orchestration, and blockchain adds levels of efficiency that result in significant resource and financial gains,” said Michael Romero, Senior Vice President, SAP Practice, HCL Technologies. “HCL’s expertise in IoT and blockchain, combined with Sierra Wireless’ data orchestration capabilities, allow for a powerful solution.”

To develop the Smart Logistics Accelerator, HCL integrated Sierra Wireless’ OctaveTM distributed data orchestration platform with SAP enterprise business applications, SAP Leonardo, IoT, and blockchain services. Deployed on SAP Cloud Platform, the solution optimizes inventory management and automatic status monitoring in the core business application to enable new, usage-based services and improve traceability, delivering an intelligent enterprise.

“Understanding asset data will optimize operations and drive strategic growth, but accessing that data securely in a way that is actionable and scalable has not been possible until now,” said Olivier Pauzet, Vice President and General Manager, IoT Solutions, Sierra Wireless. “Using Octave, our new data orchestration platform, HCL Technologies’ customers can securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from their assets at the edge, send it to the cloud, and gain near real-time visibility to manage the most important aspects of the business, achieving the full value of data-driven transformation.”

Mobile World Congress Demonstration

HCL and Sierra Wireless showcased the Smart Logistics Accelerator at Mobile World Congress 2019. They featured a live demonstration of beverage inventory management that showed how  near real-time monitoring of critical data — such as, has the beer keg been opened, is the beer cold enough, how much beer has been consumed, does the brewery know when we might need a new batch, and is the brewery invoicing us only for the beer consumed? — allows you to get an exact pour every time and provides the ability to replace the keg before your customers are waiting.

The demonstration is connected over an LTE-M LPWA cellular network, featuring Sierra Wireless’ Smart SIM integrated with an LTE-M module, mangOH® Red open source hardware and the Octave platform to securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from the keg at the edge to SAP Cloud Platform on screen.

HCL’s Smart Logistics Accelerator integrates with the SAP business application and provides a good foundation to customers to implement an innovative solution tailored to their specific supply chain and inventory management business processes. For more information about HCL’s Smart Logistics Solution, visit HCL at Booth 2H40.

Octave integrates edge devices, LPWA network, and cloud APIs into a single platform that securely extracts, orchestrates and acts on data from remote assets at the edge to the cloud. Customers can focus on building asset monitoring solutions rather than reinventing infrastructure, which dramatically reduces development time, from several months to days

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