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HCL Rewards Top Performers With Foreign Trips, Mercedes Cars


HCL is full of high-profile rewards for the company’s top performers. Around 130 top performers from the company have got two options to choose from – either they can take their family and friends to an international or a domestic trip at office expenses or drive a Mercedes while going back to home. These are the two gift options HCL has offered these 130 employees for their contribution to the company.

HCL Technologies’ Prithvi Shergill thinks the company’s growth needs to be celebrated and the employees’ family and friends should also become a part of these celebrations. These gifts are being given as token of appreciation and these kinds of gifts are always more exciting than normal salary hikes. As the rewarding strategy has a uniqueness in it, it will appeal further to the employees.

These kind of perks are going to be more exciting in coming years, thinks senior director for human capital at Deloitte, P Thiruvengadam. Market changes will lead to better perks and some of the options which are supposed to be adopted by profitable companies include better employee benefits, training programmes and higher education at global top colleges. This is going to be a trend in 2015 as it works as a motivational factor for employees.

Since last two years, the Noida-based IT company has been rewarding their 200 top performers. In 2013, 70 people received their Mercedes as there was no option for a holiday trip and then they became a part of the CEO Club, which recognises the top performers in leadership roles, as revealed by the company in a conversation with ET. There are 95,522 people working with HCL Technologies and the holiday option has been added this year only.