HCL Has Plans To Add Over 1,237 Employees At North Carolina Centre!

ITVoice News: HCL Technologies will make an investment of $9 million to employ 1,237 people at its North Carolina centre in US by end of 2018. The leading tech company will add the jobs in Cary centre in North Carolina. According to the reports, the recruited employees would be responsible for developing, maintaining and upgrading software applications and also for providing services to global clients.

HCL-Info_16_9_2554_356 As per the statement from  the State of North  Carolina, the average  annual payroll is expected  to be around $64 million  for the new jobs. HCL  provides employment to  over 8,000 people across  fifteen US states which accounted for almost 56 per cent of the company’s revenue last year.


Prithvi Shergill, the chied huma resource officer, mentioned that, presently, there are less than 1000 employees at the Cary centre, which is further planned to be expanded for over 125,000 square feet. The plan was made possible based upon the performance-based grant from the One North Carolina Fund. It will offer financial help through local government to draw all those business projects which will increase the job opportunities in the state.


Sharon Decker, North Carolina commerce secretary said that they are receiving all the benefits out of the long established image that North Carolina centre has acquired because of their hard work.