Hauz Khas Village Delivers High Speed Broadband

Consumers to get a simplified, clutter free & home like Wi-Fi experience

The city’s landmark ‘Hauz Khas village’ will soon provide Wifi by one unnamedof the Country’s leading Operators – Ozone Networks Private Limited. As part of the arrangement the Hauz Khas village resident welfare association (RWA) and Ozone Networks, have come together to provide their patrons and customers with the ultimate wi-fi experience that will allow customers to login the moment they enter an Ozone Wi-Fi hotspot therefore extending a “Home Wi-Fi” experience to people while in Hauz Khas Village.

Sanjeev Bobby Sarin, Founder & CEO, Ozone Networks said “We are delighted to launch wifi for visitors and tourists at one of the most trendy and upcoming locations in South Delhi. Haus Khas Village has a young and affluent crowd carrying high end smartphones, looking for Wifi hotspots all the time to send selfies and videos back to their loved ones and friends over high speed internet connections. The network has been designed for offload so that mobile operators can take advantage and reduce congestion on their networks today”.

He further added “We have signed a 10 year contract, with a lockin period. With this partnership, Hauz Khas village will become fully operational within 6 weeks. This area sees a high footfall of around 500.000 people/per month. This will provide users a Home-like broadband experience and will seamlessly connect users across our network. By doing this, the Delhi Government can see a “real live’ operational network for the Delhi Citizens, and get some early feedback on what the consumer thinks and wants”

Ozone today has deployed 6500 access points and 1500 are public hot spots across 26 different cities, top 23 major metros covering the entire gamut from Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. The company aims to reach 1 million hotspots by 2020. Ozone today is providing Wi-Fi to the Mumbai Airport (T1 & T2 terminals) & leading retail chains such as McDonalds, Haldiram’s, bluO and are in the process of signing with large coffee and food chains. Ozone has also started deploying market Wifi with a deployment in Aurobindo Market (a prestigious market in South Delhi).

“We want people who visit this Haus Khas Village to be able to be connected at all times so that they can enjoy, work & play over the internet. We are very happy with the services that Ozone Wifi is providing across the country and am proud to have them also deliver services for us at Haus Khas Village, says Mr. Dev Chaudhary, President, RWA, Hauz Khas Village.”

How it works?
Citizens with any valid Indian mobile number will be able to access the public Wi-Fi by switching on Wi-Fi in their devices. On selecting the public Wi-Fi, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to their mobile number. Once the password authentication process is completed, they can then latch on to the Wi-Fi and enjoy internet services.

The service is ‘free’ only for the first 20 minutes, and those who wish to continue using the Wi-Fi will have to purchase recharge cards. The recharge cards will be available at Rs 30 for 30 minutes.