Guest Mode for Google Assistant

Google Assistant will be soon getting a Guest mode. The interactions made with google assistants won’t be saved to users’ respective accounts. As said by Google, User’s information will not be used for custom made results. The feature is designed to give users more control over the data and it will be launched in the coming weeks. Google has been releasing safety and privacy features recently.

Google has acknowledged that there are times when people may not want the Assistant interactions that are saved to one’s Google account. Therefore, the company has come up with a solution to ensure that. All you have to do is to turn on Guest mode and it will take care of their onwards. People can too go back and remove what they have said to the Assistant by using their voice, which was enabled in 2019.


Image from Google assistant


Also, the company will be introducing a restructured critical alert system and a new way to deliver the alert system. After it has detected that there has been a serious Google Account security issue, the system will automatically generate an alert within the application for the user and help in addressing it. These alerts are resistant to deceiving, according to Google. This feature will see a restricted rollout in the upcoming weeks and an expanded release early in the year of 2021.

A comparable feature had been introduced to Google Maps in 2019. The incognito mode present on the application does not save map activity to the users’ account, involving the locations that the users search for and personalized references.

The company has also said that product safety was driven by 3 core principles. it is to keep the user’s data secure, treating it dutifully, and putting the user in control.

Google has recently proclaimed enhancements to password security and other safety features for Chrome’s newest version, and the browser on Android as well as iOS. Chrome for mobile will send users to alert if any case of their passwords from the ones users have asked it to save have been negotiated, and it will lead the users straight to the ‘change password’ form to solve it. It was also introducing enhanced safe browsing for android and launching a step for biometric verification before computerized passwords for the iOS system.