GROHE Celebrates The Successful Completion Of The Second Phase Of GROHE Club By Awarding Top Performing Plumbers

grohe-1363091286_600GROHE from Germany, the world’s number 1 brand in sanitary fittings, recently celebrated the successful completion of the second edition of ‘GROHE Club’ – Professional Plumbers Program, in a colorful ceremony and rewarded its top-performing plumber with a ‘Tata Nano’ and a host of exciting prizes to other top performers. GROHE CLUB is a much acclaimed initiative by GROHE as a part of their efforts to promote and increase technical training and specialization amongst the plumber community in India. This unique program provides plumbers with the opportunities and motivation to excel in their field and become proficient in handling latest technology products available in the sanitary fittings market. Apart from top level training and association with the world’s no. 1 brand in sanitary fittings, the best performers are recognized and awarded for their work as part of the program.

GROHE held a meet in Bangalore on the 22nd of June to reward and acknowledge the outstanding performers in the GROHE Professional Plumber Program. The program saw a successful conclusion with around 135 plumbers in attendance at the meet. Amongst these, were the top performing plumbers who won exciting rewards and were eager to share their experience with their peers. The meet also included an interactive Q&A session with the GROHE technical head where the participants had the opportunity for extensive knowledge sharing.

Speaking about the program, Renu Misra, Vice President and Managing Director, GROHE India said, “Over the past years, GROHE has built a reputation in India as a premium sanitary fittings manufacturer that offers its customers only the best in quality, design, technology and sustainability. In order to gain a more holistic approach to our consumer and cater to their emerging needs, it is essential that we track their preferences and the latest trends in market. Plumbers are an important link between our products and consumers when it comes to helping them choose their perfect bathroom. GROHE Club is an initiative designed to reach out to this link, train them and upgrade their technical skills so they are able to help our customers get the best value experience from GROHE.

The top performing plumber Dhani, on winning a brand new TATA NANO car for his continuous support towards GROHE, said: “I am happy to have won the Nano car from GROHE, for all the support that was offered as service to our customers. It’s encouraging and motivating to see big companies like GROHE supporting the plumbers in such a superb way. With this program, now we are not only professionally trained but also equipped to offer our expertise on a wide range of high end products. Thanks to the GROHE Professional Plumbers Program, I am more confident in handling complex products to provide the best solutions to my customers.

Another top performer, Ashwath Narayan, commented, “This is exactly the kind of support every plumber should receive for ensuring greater awareness and service to our consumers on behalf of the company and brand. I am thrilled to be recognized and appreciated for the hard work put in. This program has helped me professionally by developing my skill set and personally I feel more confident – I would like to say to my fellow participants, if I can do it, so can you! GROHE is the no.1 brand in sanitary fittings and they will continue to be no. 1 in my book.

Commenting on the initiative, the participating dealer Mr. Sreenath Chaterjee, said: “This is a very unique program undertaken by GROHE to promote our plumbers. It has really helped bolster the commitment and dedication of our most qualified, experienced plumbers, which has in turn helped them achieve so much. With the GROHE Professional Plumbers Program we look forward to further strengthening our relationship with them and with the world’s no. 1 sanitary fittings brand, in the long run enabling many more of our customers to enjoy GROHE products.

Globally, plumbers are a major focus group for GROHE and are an excellent source of feedback on customers’ likes and dislikes. GROHE created the GROHE CLUB to engage these plumbers and provide them better opportunities, in addition to recognizing their efforts and achievements with value adds at each step.