October 28, 2020

Google’s AutoDraw tool helps you doodle better

Auto Draw, a new web-based tool from Google, aims to make drawing — drawing well, that is — more accessible by using machine learning to give your doodles a boost.
The free tool — Google ‘s latest AI Experiment — works on phones, computers and tablets, pairing machine learning with drawings created by artists, designers and illustrators.
A video explains, “Your phone can help you do anything fast. It just can’t help you draw something simple fast.” Want to make a quick party flyer, for example? “Where do you even go for that? You probably have to download some app or buy a design program.”
Auto Draw — “a drawing tool for the rest of us” — was created with this issue in mind.
To make such a flyer, or a poster, or any other drawing, go to the Auto Draw site and start doodling. Draw something that looks like a cake, for example, and a suggestion tool will offer pre-existing drawings of a cake for you to choose from.
When you’re in the mood to create drawings all your own, turn off the suggestion tool and doodle away.