March 2, 2021

Google’s Android Head Sundar Pichai after Andy Rubin has retired from its position

Android mobile OS and the Chrome OS were the two new roles assigned to Sundar Pichai an IIT alumni. Chrome, Chrome OS and Google Drive were some of the new projects to be handled by Google’s Android new Head Sundar Pichai & after departure of Andy Rubin. As a Senior Vice President Pichai was handling the department of chrome & apps but now he will be incharge of Android mobile OS and also the Chrome web browser and laptop OS also indicating Google’s one & only strategy to form a single platform by merging two operating systems.sundar-pichai

 Google Toolbar browser were one of the first projects since 2004 after Pillai is taking care of this new project, by installing a Google search bar on their browsers & accessing Google services like YouTube. He already done courses in Stanford & Wharton Business School.

 Pichai by staying with Google was closely linked with twitter a head of social networking company’s product.

 Already heading the mobile OS team & Android in 2003 after succeeding Rubin & was acquired by Google in 2005. Android’s rise as the biggest mobile platform in the world  upon the Google’s executive involving robotics and home automation.