Google Working On A Microsoft Surface Rival

Google is reportedly working on a brand new tablet that Google-Logowill look and feel just like the Chromebook Pixel, save for two key differences — it’ll run on Android and it won’t be attached to a keyboard.

Google’s current Chromebook Pixel devices are laptops that run on its Chrome OS operating system, which is based on its Chrome browser.

The new tablet would essentially be a tablet version of Google’s Pixel line of Chromebooks, and the company plans to call it the Pixel C, according to Android Police, which claims to have received information from insider sources.

The new device will reportedly be launched in November, but Google is likely to announce it at its big event in San Francisco on September 29.

The Pixel C would look and feel just like the Chromebook Pixel, which means it’s likely to feature a metal design with the same light bar on the back that indicates the device’s battery level. Google will offer two keyboard accessory options — one made of leather and another made of metal.

The tablet will have a 10.2-inch screen, Android Police reports, which means it’ll be just a bit smaller than Microsoft’s 10.8-inch Surface 3.

Given that Google plans to sell a keyboard accessory alongside its new tablet, it seems like the Pixel C could be targeted at those looking for a premium productivity tablet. Depending on its price and other specifications, that could put it in the same league as the Surface 3.

The tablet will be powered by a quad-core processor made by Nvidia and will come with 3GB of RAM. It’ll also feature a USB Type-C charger just like its newest Chromebook Pixel rather than the standard micro USB charger most Android device require.

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