chrome-updated-android-ios-635Search engine giant, Google, on Wednesday announced an upgrade for its Chrome apps for Android and iOS, bringing them up to version 32. The new apps feature new tweaks that will allow users to cut their data consumption by as much as 50 percent. Ever since the affordability of smartphones has increased across the rank and file of people around the world, Internet browsing too has shifted from desktops and laptops to mobile phones and tablets.

Google in its Chrome blog post announcing the changes, cited a survey conducted by Pew Internet, which suggests that 20 percent of Americans do most of their online browsing via their mobile phones. The blog post details about the trends in the mobile browsing and how the new tweak will help users.

The company says that the major problem arises with the consumption of data when a cell phone or tablet is not connected to a Wi-Fi network. And if there is a 3G or a 4G connection involved, then the data allowance can run out within days before a user even knows about it.

The new Chrome update will utilise new data compression and bandwidth management on Android and iOS devices, claiming to cutting the data usage by up to 50 percent. Once the version is updated, the following directions need to be taken: Start at Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce Data Usage. Turn the toggle switch to on, which starts working towards saving data and managing the bandwidth. The menu will also display the bandwidth saved every month when Chrome is used. This feature also enables Chrome’s Safe Browsing technology malicious webpages.

The company also announced that it will be adding Google Translate to Google Chrome for iOS in the next few days. This is being done to enable iOS devices to translate foreign language pages easily. Users just have to look for the translation bar, and select “Translate.”

Also introduced in the updated Chrome 32 for Android was application shortcuts, an upcoming release of Chrome for Android that will allow users to create shortcuts to their favourite websites right from their homescreen for faster and easier access to the web. The option will be available by going to a website, going to the toolbar and selecting the “Add to homescreen” option. Post that whenever a user opens the saved website by clicking on the shortcut, it will open in a full-screen experience and appear as a separate app in the Android app switcher.

The updated Chrome for Android and iOS apps have started to be rolled out, and will be pushed globally within a few days. Users can navigate to the Google Play store, or iTunes App Store to download the update.

The Google also updated its Chrome for desktop apps recently, adding features such as the ability to keep track of noisy tabs, and improved Safe Browsing.


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