Google+ updated with synced notifications, new Android app released

notifications-2Google has made it easier to use Google+ notifications across mobile and desktop platforms.

Google has announced the rolling out of an improved notification functionality for Google+. The new notification feature support syncing across devices. This means once you’ve read a notification on one device, it’ll mark as read on other devices as well. Likewise, when you dismiss a notification (with a swipe or a click), it’s done across devices, eliminating the “annoying repeats”.

Google has also improved the look and feel of Google+ notification. Now a new bell icon appears in the Google bar and in the mobile apps that informs you about the latest alert. Google has also updated notification tray that classifies unread from previously-read items.

The update to notification is being rolled out gradually, first on Android and the web, then on iOS.

In the meantime, Google+ app for Android platform has also received an update, which includes user-suggested features such as deleting pictures from the Photos view, tapping a post to show the number +1s, comments and reshares, and a new left hand menu that is more in line with other Google apps.

Now stream content automatically updates when the app is started. The update also includes additional bug fixes and performance improvements. Download the updated Google+ for Android here.