January 21, 2021

Google Unveiles Its Original Chromecast Along With Chromecast Audio

Google has unveiled its original Chromecast along with Chromecast Audio during the Nexus launch event, which Google-Chormecastwas held in San Francisco on Tuesday. Priced at Rs. 2400, the devices would be available in 17 countries soon. Besides these long awaited products, Google also launched the refreshed Chromecast application with Spotify and Google Photos support.

Introduced in 2013, Chromecast enabled its users to beam media content from smartphones, computers and tablets to TV. But now the firm wants it to explore your living room even more. On the other hand, Chromecast Audio can convert any speaker with auxiliary input to an Internet-capable device. Similar to Motorola Moto Stream, the Chromecast Audio lets its users to stream music from a smartphone or laptop to their regular speakers directly.

However, the new Chromecast sports a circular design with an integrated flexible HDMI cable. With enhanced connectivity and better antenna system, it comes with the support for Wi-fi 802.11ac (5GHz band.) It also brings three distinct antennas for optimal streaming which were missing in the original model.

The Chromecast application also comes with Fast Play as well as What’s On feature. While Fast Play allows the Chromecast pre-fetch a video from an application, What’s On displays the top content from the applications installed on phone.