google nexus dialerGoogle seems all set to revamp its native apps for Android, with numerous leaks over the past few weeks detailing the alleged Project Hera redesign, and several overhauled app icons and interfaces. On Friday however, the Mountain View giant released an image of a reworked dialer app for Nexus devices, further fuelling speculation that the wide-ranging update is due to arrive soon.

In response to a Twitter question by @karlyeh26 asking if there was a call duration counter in the Nexus dialer app, Google’s Nexus Twitter handle (@googlenexus) tweeted out a picture of what seems to a beta version of the upcoming native dialer app, featuring a blue theme instead of the current Nexus/vanilla grey theme.

The Google-provided dialer screenshot reveals the ‘Call details’ section of the app, which is now complete with a call duration counter, indicating how long a call lasted apart from the time it was initiated.

Google is expected to unveil what-is-being-called the Project Hera redesign at its Google I/O 2014 developers’ conference scheduled to be held between June 25 and June 26. Of course, the company could make the expected changes before or after this date, but a launch along with the next major version of Android seems quite obvious.

Notably, the redesigned dialer app looks quite similar to the recently-leaked and allegedly-redesigned versions of other Google native Android apps, such as Gmail and Calendar app, as well as various revamped icons similar to those visible in the Chrome App Launcher. According to previous speculation, Project Hera is meant to bring a unified interface for Google’s Android, ChromeOS and Web apps.

Also noteworthy, is the similarity of the newly updated Google Keep app with the dialer app, as noted by Android Police. The Google Keep app update brought UI redesigns that saw a new yellow-coloured bar on top, apart from a side-bar with features like Trash, Feedback, account switcher, removing the ‘Settings’ option and more.

The app icon revamp is reportedly being called the ‘Moonshine’ makeover internally, and the leaked image showed new app icons for Books, Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Games, Gmail, Google+, Maps, Movies, People, Play Music, Play Store and YouTube.



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