August 6, 2020

Google Removes 13 Android Apps From Play Store

Google has removed 13 malicious apps from Google Play Store. The company has taken the step after it was warned Play Storeby the security researcher. These apps were unauthorized to download on Android devices. Google has tightened the security layer around apps.

Chris Dehghanpoor, a security researcher from Lookout reported these malicious apps to Google. These apps try to get root access and copy numerous device files to the system partition. The system partition cannot always remains untouched even if you format the device. These apps had large number of downloads in Play Store.

The list of apps that are banned from Play Store is as follows- Honeycomb, Just Fire, Drag Box, Jump Planet, Cake Blast, Crazy Block, Crazy Jelly, Hit Planet, Eat Bubble, Piggy Jump, Ninja Hook and Cake Tower. These apps have affected millions of Android users.

Dehghanpoor further said that the best way to get rid of malware spread by these apps is by re-flashing the device ROM. The authors of these malwares used different names and techniques to publish apps in Play Store. This move by Google assures that company has started taking the security very seriously.